Open Residence

For explorers, scientists and creators
Laboratories - Workshops - Offices - Mentoring


Beginning the 10th of October

Up to 12 months in the heart of Paris
€0 + 5 days/month of your time for collaborative projects

The Idea

First Open Community Lab in France, La Paillasse launches its residency program.
A radical experience in line with its original philosophy.


You have carte blanche to develop your most impertinent and daring ideas


There is no monopoly on great ideas. Your age, diplomas and resources should not be barriers to your creativity and to the realization of your projects


Come and develop new interfaces and new know-how. We gather in one place biology, chemistry, electronics, design, textile, medicine and art.


We encourage and support the sharing of scientific and technological resources

Tailored for those who...

Want to dive into an antidisciplinary ecosystem, where scientists, creators and entrepreneurs mingle

Need a lab to catalize their projects and to prototype their concepts

Aspire to join a community of explorers and engaged actors

Want to take time to go through with their ideas

Some concrete example :
Early stage startup incubation - Independant research project - Entrepreneurial or freelance project - Student/researcher's sabatical project - Designer or artist residency

The Residence

4 months of residence, expandable up to 12 months at La Paillasse
€0 to pay. Collaborative time contribution of 5 days/month.

La Paillasse is yours

A free access to a work space all day.
Coworking space, meeting rooms, event space, kitchens and chill out rooms.

Technical resources
+ P1 Biotech lab
+ Rapid prototyping workshop (Electronics, Mechanics, 3D printing)
+ Textile Workshop Hall Couture (Partner in residency at La Paillasse)
+ Super high speed 1 Gigabit symetrical optical fiber

Accompanied by our network, our team of engineers, biologists, designers, entrepreneurs will be at your disposal.

The compensation

We will mobilize you for one to five days a week, with a maximum of five days per month.

These collaborative and interdisciplinary work sessions will be applied to solving scientific, social and environnemental problems, which we will define together as the program goes on, and which will be funded by our partners.

This way we don't have to ask you any money. And the rest of the time, La Paillasse is yours!

Revisiter la santé, les matériaux, l'alimentation, l'environnement, les villes, la recherche, l'art, les contre-pouvoirs citoyens.

Season 1 : class 2016

They were the vibrant heart of the openresidence, discover the projects of the year 2016...


30 seats are to be taken (selection based on profile and submitted project).

For the first wave of selection, send us your proposal until September 15, 2017.

Until then we invite you to

- Join Open Residence's Facebook group to ask questions

- Come to meet us at the presentation event, Tuesday the 5th of september at 7 pm at La Paillasse.

Apply Here

Until then we invite you to
Join La Paillasse Open Residence's Facebook group to ask questions !

La Paillasse and 104factory, the incubator of CENQUATRE-PARIS in the field of cultural and creatice industries, are associated in a cross-collaboration allowing the interaction of project promoters around the Art Science theme through their networks and platforms.